Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tickled Pink!!

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments left on my previous post about the MPS challenge, and I wanted to share with you that Robyn picked my card to put into her new Pink Gallery!!  I'm so excited!! She also has a couple of my other cards featured in the gallery, how cool is that?!?  So, go check out all the projects from other awesome crafters at MPS Gallery!! There are some adorable projects there!!

Thanks Robyn!!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
~Sara Kate~


  1. Hi, Congrats on the MPS gallery...I have one of my card there too! Isn't it fun! (and silly)

    I got the boxes at my local scrapbook store. A friend of mine calls them cupcake boxes. They're about 8x4x8, just a guess, since I already gave them to the bride. good luck!

  2. your work is so pretty. love the shoe card you have below. i love mps too.