Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally Settled!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but we are finally moved into our house and all settled in!! I wanted to share some pics with you of my scrap room so far! It's not done yet, just enough that I can get in there and create when I want to!!

I just love that wall with the pink over the green!! 
Also, did I mention that the night before we closed on our house we got a new puppy?!?! I know, we're crazy!! Meet Winchester, he is an English Mastiff. He is currently 3.5 months old and a whopping 50 pounds!! He's gonna be a big boy! Definitely a different change from our 3 year old, 24 pound Boston Terrier, Remington that I've shared pictures of before. We love them both, and they love each other!!!

Well, I think you are all caught up on what has been going on here and why I haven't posted! I think things have finally settled down now! I mean really what is left? This year we got married, graduated college, bought a car, got a new puppy, and bought a house! I think it's time for a little slow down and some time to enjoy each other and the things that we love to do! So be watching for some more posts as I get back into the swing of things!! 

Don't miss my last post of my nieces bday card!

Have a great day! It's 7am and I'm off to bed! I'm a nurse and work night shift, so my sleep schedule is crazy! But I love my job and the kiddos that I work with, so it makes it all worthwhile!

~Sara Kate~

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  1. Your scrap room looks gorgeous, and your pup is adorable!