Monday, May 17, 2010

Holy Scrapbook Birthday!!

Hi Everyone!

So my 22nd birthday was just on May 8th, and boy am I a lucky girl!!  My fiance bought me a Gypsy!!! and the adorable Gypsy clutch!!!  My parents got me an ATG gun, I'm a true scrapper now!!  Here is a pick of all the scrapbook related gifts that I got. I had some money from my uncle and went to Archivers, where I found the CUTE Pink Crown Gypsy sleeve and car charger for 50% off!!! I got them both for $25, what a deal!!!  

So be checking back for my new Gypsy creations!!! I'm sooo excited!!!

--Sara Kate--


  1. You're gonna love that ATG gun. I have two of them and I wouldn't give up either one for all the money in Texas.

  2. Awesome!!!!! Your going to love it!!!