Saturday, September 25, 2010

Throwback Thursday Challenge with Emma--"Z" fold card

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to share with you this weeks Throwback Thursday Challenge with Emma. Visit her blog Here. This weeks challenge was to go "Old School" and not use the Cricut or any other machines. I thought this challenge was going to be hard because I never made cards before the Cricut, but it was actually fun and pretty easy. I have a wedding to go to today so I made this wedding card with just cardstock and stamps!

I've saw this card fold called an "S" fold, "Z" fold, whatever it is, I love it! So you take an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock. Lay it horizontally on your table. for the high end you measure 5 1/2 and the low end I believe is 3 3/4. Line up your 2 marks and cut it so that it is slanted like this. Love it!

Stamps are a Stampendous Wedding set! Made this card super simple to complete!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'm off to make a wedding explosion box for my friend who is getting married today! I'll post pictures later!

~Sara Kate~


  1. Oh wow this turned out just lovely. I love z fold cards this one is just beautiful.

  2. WOW Sara!!!! I have NEVER seen a card like this before!! I LOVE it!!! This is AMAZING my friend! You did an AWESOME job w/the challenge!
    Gypsy hugs,

  3. This is another fold I haven't seen before. I love it! Thanks for the instructions!

  4. What a great card! I love this new fold! I am now a follower and very excited to see your next project!!

  5. This is really cute. I definitely have to try it tfs.

  6. I love ur card but i have to say i love ur hallmark saying. that is awesome. i would love to show it to some jerk at work. i was making some cards and selling them for $2.50 each, b/c this particular group I knew didnt really have $$$. One girl said (w/ a big mouth) $2.50??!!! That is expensive. So some girls were saying you would pay more at the store and it wouldnt be hand made or so pretty. She was like NO! I pay less than that and my cards are cute. I wanted to slap her! Karlé xoxo

  7. Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I'm glad I could share something new with you all!! Karle, I'm so sorry to hear that someone said that to you! You definitely need that stamp. I got it at Archivers, but haven't been able to find it since :(