Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My First Blog Award!! =D

Melanie from Scrappy Mel was kind enough to give my my first blog award!! I feel very lucky to have been given the Beautiful Blogger Award as I am new to this blogging thing! Melanie has the cutest cards and several great step-by-step picture tutorials that I just love! Go check her out!! Thanks again Melanie!

Now I have to tell you 10 things about myself, which shouldn't be too hard since you don't know much about me yet. We'll kind of let this be your little intro to me :)

1. In 75 days (on June 12th) I will marry my very best friend. We will have been together for 7 years!

2. I have the most spoiled Boston Terrier there ever was, his name is Remington. And I mean spoiled!...like he shares my pillow at night spoiled! I love him!

3. I will graduate from Nursing school in December. I want to go into Pediatrics.

4. I had cancer when I was 2 1/2, leaving me with 1 kidney and tons of inspiration (hence wanting to go into Peds...I've always wanted to be a Peds Oncology nurse)

5. My family is VERY close and it kills me to be 2.5 hours away from them. Seriously we are always together and barely a day goes by that we don't see each other (well before Nursing school anyway)

6. My favorite colors are Pink and Green, also our wedding colors.

7. I am *slightly* addicted to my Cricut Expression (hence the blog title). My fiance calls me a "Cricster" LoL.

8. All of my scrapbook friends live hours away, so I'm a solo scrapper. I always want to attend crops and stuff but feel weird going alone :(

9. I love to scrapbook but rarely seem to like my creations, so this blog is a big step for me... I'm getting much better though! I have all of these ideas but when I sit down to make a page I get "scrappers block."

10. I feel very blessed in life and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!

Do you feel like you know me yet?!?!

Ok now I have to nominate 10 fellow bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I think I could nominate about 30, thankfully several of them have just received this award! In no particular order, here are 10 great blogs that you should visit!

1. Creations with Christina--Go check her out, she rocks! She just finished up a great Mini Album series that inspired me to get started on one!
2. Nikki the Scrappin Navy Wife--She makes the cutest cards, go see!
3. Angie from Scrap Happens with Angie--she just did the cutest Easter layout. I love her layouts and cards, they are so super cute! Take a peek!
4.The Polka Dot Scrapper--she has some cute layouts and cards too. Go check it out!
5. scrap-attic.blogspot.com--she's new too, so go show her some blog love! She has some adorable cards!!
6. Cindy from Scrap Happens--I love love love her layouts!! If you haven't visited her blog, what are you waiting for?!?
7. Annette from My Paper Trail--gorgeous minis and lots of great cards! Drop in and say hi to Annette!
8. Scrappin Butterfly--Love her layouts!! And she also has a Weddings With the Cricut blog...wish I would have found this a bit sooner!!
9. Enfys from Going Buggy--she has the cutest cards! Go check them out!
10. The Bug Junkie--she just did a tutorial on some cute fabric hand bags using Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More. Go watch!!

Ok Blog friends, stop reading this and go visit these 10 great blogs!!
Have a great day!!


  1. Congrats on your Blogger Award!!

    Thank you for "following" my page. It is hard to get new people to follow, as I am new at this as well.

  2. Oh also thanks for mentioning my site. Really aprriciate it :D