Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paisley Card Feature

Today was such a gloomy day, definitely didn't make me feel any better! I did make up my test that I missed today and think it went really well!! I ventured to Archivers to use some coupons that expired today and ended up spending way more money than I intended to!! But it was a pretty good deal. I got a Bazill By the Box set (100 sheets of Bazill textured cardstock), a journaling spot stamp set (I can finish up the Ouch! page now!), and some buy 3 get 3 free cardstock.

Back to the real reason for today's post! I experimented with the card feature on the adorable Paisley cartridge and wanted to share it with you!
Here is the front! I just LOVE this card feature. They are so super cute!

Here is the inside. I double matted the 2 larger sides and added some Primas in the corner for a little decoration. Did I mention that I love these cards?!?

This is the back and shows how the cards close. I think you could make some neat cards using this feature, and they give you lots of room for writing if you have lots to say, or a place to stamp a sentiment/poem.

Hope you like it!!


  1. Very cute! :)

    I wanted to reply to your question about shadowing in Design Studio.... I wish had some really good tips but the only advise I can give it to play around. If you have the letters typed in as one object it's a lot easier than if you have each letter on it's own.

    What I do is make the 1st word and weld the letter how I want them. Then I type the word again with the shadow function. Then I put the 1st word on top of the shadow and move the letters around until the proper shadow is achieved. Then weld the letter on the shadow and move the words apart so they can cut properly.

    Wow - that was a lot of info! I hope it makes sense and that it helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Oh, I'm also now following your blog. :)

  2. Thanks Melanie! That does make sense, I'm going to try it out later!! Thanks for being a follower! I'm having lots of fun with this blog thing!